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Alien Fetish Crop Top

Alien Fetish Crop Top

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Sizing Chart

Size XS


Waist: 69-76cm

Length: 30cm

Size S

Bust: 77-94cm

Waist: 73-80cm

Length: 30cm

Size M

Bust: 83-100cm

Waist: 79-86cm

Length: 30cm

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Customer Reviews

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Do Aliens excite you? Because they excite us!

Are you a gothic individual with an insatiable fascination for the extraterrestrial? Look no further, as we have just the product for you! Metalattitude, the renowned gothic fashion brand, has launched an extraordinary item that perfectly caters to your interest - the Alien Fetish Crop Top. Not only is this crop top an embodiment of unique style, but it is also designed to captivate alien lovers with its distinct allure.

At Metalattitude, we understand the importance of self-expression and individuality. This sentiment is beautifully encompassed in our Alien Fetish Crop Top. Crafted with the utmost care and expertise, this versatile garment seamlessly integrates into any gothic wardrobe. Its intriguing design showcases a dazzling green alien head with captivating black eyes, complemented by intricate detailing along the hemline. Made from premium-quality cotton, this crop top ensures unrivaled comfort while providing a fashion-forward look for any occasion.

Our Alien Fetish Crop Top not only elevates your style but also serves as a symbol of your passion for all things extraterrestrial. By wearing this captivating piece, you proudly display your love for the mysteries of the universe and embrace your unique perspective. Stand out from the crowd and forge your own path with the Alien Fetish Crop Top.

The introduction of this extraordinary garment has ignited a wave of excitement within the gothic and alien-loving communities. Enthusiastic fans are voicing their admiration for the impeccable design and remarkable quality of our Alien Fetish Crop Top across various social media platforms. It is evident that this product goes beyond being a mere article of clothing - it symbolizes a distinct lifestyle and celebrates the enigmatic.

In conclusion, if you find yourself drawn to the allure of aliens and resonate with the gothic culture, Metalattitude's Alien Fetish Crop Top is an absolute must-have for your wardrobe. Not only is it a striking fashion statement, but it also embraces your passion for the otherworldly. So, waste no time! Obtain your Alien Fetish Crop Top today and dazzle with your unique style and fascination for the extraterrestrial. Join the ranks of passionate alien lovers and let your fashion choices speak for themselves!

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