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Slutty Satanic Crop Top

Slutty Satanic Crop Top

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Black crop top with white satanic symbol in the centre

Sizing Chart

Size XS


Waist: 60-70cm

Length: 25cm

Size S

Bust: 75-91cm

Waist: 64-74cm

Length: 26cm

Size M

Bust: 79-95cm

Waist: 68-78cm

Length: 27cm

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Redefine Your Style Statement With Our Satanic Pentagram Crop Top!

Are you a firm believer in the dark side, and are you on the lookout for an edgy and unique wardrobe choice that reflects your beliefs? Metalattitude, a leading name in gothic fashion, presents the answer to your search - the Satanic Pentagram Crop Top. Featuring a bold pentagram symbol, this crop top is perfect for those who embrace the unconventional and wish to showcase their individuality with a dark twist.

Made from high-quality, breathable cotton, the Satanic Pentagram Crop Top offers all-day comfort, and its versatile design can be effectively paired with any gothic-themed outfit. The crop top features a striking and captivating design of a bright crimson pentagram, representing the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and the soul. The intricate detailing around the hemline adds an extra flair to the garment, making it an attractive addition to your fashion wardrobe.

The Satanic Pentagram Crop Top is more than just a style statement, it is an ode to your beliefs in the paranormal and an expression of your individuality. By wearing this crop top, you exhibit your love for the dark side, while also making a fashion statement that sets you apart from the crowd.

Our Satanic Pentagram Crop Top has already made waves among enthusiasts of the gothic and satanic communities with many customers voicing their admiration for the product. Its exceptional design, coupled with superior comfort, makes it a must-have item in any dark-themed fashion collection.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of the paranormal and want to make a bold statement with your fashion, the Satanic Pentagram Crop Top from Metalattitude is the wardrobe choice for you. With its high quality, striking design, and versatile nature, the Satanic Pentagram Crop Top offers unrivaled comfort and style, which will enhance your lifestyle and reflect your beliefs. Do not wait any longer; impatiently upgrade your wardrobe with the Satanic Pentagram Crop Top from Metalattitude today!

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