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Gothic Flare Sleeve Bowed Crop Top

Gothic Flare Sleeve Bowed Crop Top

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Elevate your gothic style with our Gothic Flare Sleeve Bowed Crop Top, a captivating piece that seamlessly blends dark elegance with a touch of playful charm. This crop top isn't just an article of clothing; it's a canvas of individuality and sophistication, designed to accentuate your figure while embracing your unique style.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this top features bold, flared black sleeves that add a touch of drama and movement to your ensemble. The centerpiece of the design is a delicate ribbon bow placed strategically at the center of your chest, creating a visual focal point that's both elegant and alluring.

The combination of dark hues and stylish flair makes this crop top an accessory that complements your figure while adding a touch of dark beauty to your look. Whether you're drawn to gothic aesthetics or simply appreciate distinctive fashion, this top offers you the perfect blend of elegance and playfulness.

Pair this top with your favorite pants, skirts, or accessories to create a look that is both captivating and stylish. Whether you're attending a formal event, embracing your inner goth, or simply seeking to make a statement, our Gothic Flare Sleeve Bowed Crop Top ensures you do so with confidence and flair.

Indulge in the charm of dark beauty with a playful twist. Order now to add the Gothic Flare Sleeve Bowed Crop Top to your collection and redefine your wardrobe with an accessory that effortlessly fuses gothic mystique with sophisticated elegance.


Sleeve - 66cm
Bust - 72-88cm
Waist - 58-70cm
Length - 40cm

Sleeve - 67cm
Bust - 76-92cm
Waist - 62-74cm
Length - 41cm

Sleeve - 68cm
Bust - 80-96cm
Waist - 66-78cm
Length - 42cm
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